The new standard in hygiene.

Save up to 66% on hand hygiene while also increasing back to work readiness

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Limit the spread of harmful bacteria with touch-free handwashing that encourages soap use every time.

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Significantly reduce the use

of water and soap with every wash and make cleaning more efficient.

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Reduce water and soap consumption for ecofriendly efficiency.

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Totally touch-free experience avoids the spread of viruses and bacteria


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Installation &

EasyFixTM enables effortless installation, saving time and money on the initial set up. And with maintenance too. Intellimix means no more dripping soap dispensers.

With the App, you can adjust parameters and maintain Intellimix in seconds - receiving alerts when levels are low.

Intellimix saves hours of work, especially in larger buildings with multiple washrooms.

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Save up to 80% on soap

Intellimix® mixes soap with air to create a soft foam that delivers a pleasant experience that is also economical.

The soap volume can be adjusted via the App from 0.3 to 5ml per use to give total control to the owner and so they can monitor how much is used. The soap is dispensed from a long life pump that has a tested lifespan of over 500.000 cycles.

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Save up to

85% on water

Prevent waste with programmable flow stop duration. The 2l/min flow limiter brings significant cost savings as the table below shows.

Intellimix uses 85% less water when compared with standard single lever taps 
when following the washing cycle recommended by the WHO.

How Intellimix improves hygiene

A proper handwash, every single time.

Proper handwashing technique in the workplace protects people from infection, reduces illness and absenteeism - and is recommended by the WHO.

Proper handwashing doesn’t come naturally to people.

Intellimix makes it simple by delivering a programmable amount of soap and water for a complete wash cycle.



of the most common diseases are transmitted by touch.


 of people don’t use soap or not enough water enabling germs to spread more easily.

Want to know how well your company is doing regarding hygiene?

How Intellimix reduces costs.


A quick

With an office of 30-50 people and 5600 hand washes/year/washbasin


Washbasin mixer and soap bottles


Electronic mixers and soap dispensers


Intellimix water and soap

Soap use




Soap cost




Water use

8.056 l

4.028 l

1.389 l

Water cost




Refill/replace & cleaning cost




Energy cost




Saving with Intellimix /year




Refill/replace & cleaning cost




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Sustainability is more than a box to tick.
It’s a promise to keep.

Intelimix makes sustainability a priority.
Using less water and soap for effective sustainable resources management.

With smarter soap use, fewer chemicals make their way into the water supply and the cost and impact of cleaning is reduced.

Significant water savings, along with the option to switch to cold water,
hand washing mean sustainability isn’t just a buzzword it’s a reality.

Free trial for 3 months. Speak to an expert today.

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